The farm Rapalino was born in the heart of the extraordinary landscape of the Langhe, ancient territory immersed in rolling hills and historic wine vineyards.

The basement has a family business for generations, passing on from father to son the passion for the land and for wine.

The wines Rapalino thanks to their simple, tell the true essence of the terroir of origin and the true bond of families who always seek to obtain high quality wines.

Great attention to tradition and constant research into modern wine-making techniques, are the values that guide the cellar.

The brothers Rapalino are two: Marco and Claudio. The first has worked extensively with the great Bruno Giacosa from whom he learned the intrasigenza of the winery.
The second follows the vineyards that are located in Treiso, Neviglie, Camo, Alba and Castagnole Lanze.

From the winery in Neviglie you give your back to Monviso and Monte Rosa is seen in the middle of an amphitheatre of hills planted with vines surrounded by woods.

Thecorporate brand is the family crest that papà Giorgio found after extensive research and fascinating reconstructions of family trees.

The Langhe are always exciting: narrow streets that wind through the hills, surrounded by vineyards, surmounted by castles, hidden in the colors of the sunset and the mist of the morning the essence of Piedmont farming.